Sunday, April 15, 2012


after a long time,i started blogging as i have told my friend,somethings are better left unsaid but these things are better said on a blog rather speaking within yourself,with a sigh of relief i write college life is going to end in an year and i am feeling empty at certain times when really things are empty you may not understand the gravity of the statement i express.,days are passing and like i said and always say that people are like seasons indeed they are sometimes.with many friends i came from delhi 3 years back and now see i am just blogging like this sitting in front of a suitcase like thing morning to evening and watching my distant friends posting stuff in facebook and regardless thoughts of whats happening in my life,growing fat and flabby..wait wait..i am going long with this thing..please read if u have enough  time from ur busy-ness and this time i am writing simple english unlike everytime i make a booze out of my posts writing big english phrases,ultimately people say "what do u think u are?? Shakespeare??!!!".

well my life in 3 years has been limited to some social networking sites and few places where i could go and click some photos which hardly anybody notices no matter how the work is?may be i should have been a hot chic who gets 1000+likes or appreciation for posting a smiley as status update,well world has shaped itself into a feminist society,reforming the ethics according to social network.Friends are now only in facebook,i miss the life time i spent in delhi and my old friends who were the backbone,who strengthened me and gave me a hand when i fall into a situation..but the whole scene has changed, i found a hand full of people,with whom i fought,made arguments,cracked dirty jokes and the list goes on....hardships and life,they were there but still the essence was missing in the funside.we shared many things the daily life to the most eventual things that was food for a thought.the 3 musketeers who were never called so,names undisclosed but were called 'the stalwarts' by the honorary head of the department.there was always a sense of  competitive tendencies that reflected within us.the long one who said "i dono anything" was actually the one who ousted us,the 2nd one who always kept counting the 3 mistakes of his attempt of an  unsuccessful relation,dilemma and frustration.i was not the same,like others i did many dumb things as i always did since the school days,screwed since the stone methodologies were different from others.we 3 were different from the population out there,think different,did different and many things that you wont understand,one such thing i always liked we did was the association we formed in our dept. which was indeed a good act,but some people revolted.yah!there were always people who opposed us,"resistance to change"..

i was worried when i saw my friends who scored well,then i found that the system is screwed .3 of us always used to buzz around with this quite worried about the things around.we always talked about things after 10 years,but the wiser amongst said"i don give a f**k" indeed it did.i always felt that i did a big mistake leaving Delhi,it was but i used to live the change.during the initial year of my college life i used to be with couple of strangers whom i used to watch closely what they said and did.felt like an took time to find the correct crows i could fit in.3 of us always complained things,we always complained that we are stuck within this place where no man could hav ever landed on his b***s.well there was always a brighter side for everything..may be the fact that my life changed after the 2nd year because some special people entered my life..i forgot the world till then.but its well said that "ur school friends will always be ur best friends"may be some angle of perception.i don want to talk about how and what we did,rather i want to convey how things changed after sometime when u change places and a running stream of clouds and sun setting/rising everyday counting my days back Delhi and more when i would remember these 3 musketeers who we are,an year left and still in the veil of silence.there are things left to be done,things we haven seen and things which we are keen about.i dono why i wrote this but felt so,,will post more c**p soon on this blog..signing off your very truly lovingly faithfully respectfully:-madhav..

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