Sunday, May 27, 2012



the word karma defines your destiny,you stagger all the way long accompanying the omen of failures.well for me karma defines something related to a benchmark where i could pull out a comparison,an ecstatic feeling blissful but dreamy.when you fall alone like me you are supposed to write in like what i am doing now,may be i am wasting your precious 5 min,may be a boredom but if u know what i mean

karma states the aftermath of your action,your decisions,your mistakes and moreover there is a gap between the edges of the life.karma is devoid of belief it strictly judges you according to your instincts or the way u do things.narrating my own Hippocratic story a decision i made resulted in a life where i could find only a room a computer and couple of friends whom i meet daily but hardly had a great time with them.may be after reading my blog you will fell this guy is always crying and craving for what he doesnt get.
but i can tell you that crying doesnt make u weak since birth you were crying and it was the only sign that u were alive.karma is a mistake,because of which you are supposed to repent later.once such mistake was i left delhi,its been 3 years i m missing that place hard.well its told that u must not crave abt what u dont get but happy with what have got.. 

and now am confused be continued 

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