Saturday, October 29, 2011

the preposterous intentions

The cataract that was hidden behind the eyes of  illumination,as a living being that would completely sit splendid in front of the mirror admiring the peace of beauty.i figured out that the most things criticized on earth never held a record of failure.its always true that people only dis-figure things which they find that its worth it.

you must be fed up of hearing those ugly comments that never minded your brain,the notation called "mallu" which was a disaster.i have seen many people who never knew the difference,the races seemed to culpable must end someday,may be the whole system was screwed beyond the limits.

those glory days in delhi:school days was always an important part of the life i lived and living so far.the crates of love that was stacked in a single corner of the memory cells.the bond that we shared was awesome(even though i still feel,i could be with them once more).the one big thing that ever mattered was being called "madrasi" even though people couldn differentiate between madrasi and mallu.well some people felt mallus are some ugly creatures who took a coconut bath everyday stink like shit and sit beside with a smiling face with a mind blowing accent "are kaiza haii?"with people usually laughing at those things.well unlike racism is an ugly imbecile.i was figuring out apart from mallus there existed many other types of species like "chinky's","biharis" and not the least ones called "bengalis(pronounced bengolis)" and many more distinct elements of the propaganda.well more than a mallu or madrasi :the bihari had a sharp pinch,when being called so.mallus refered to be shreks and fionas.

the north indian wind usually swept in this pace where rascism existed.i wont say everyone did the same but ya there are countables accounting to the cause ,may be the narrow mindset was ridiculous."madrasi' was a tagline usually given to those people who were saree clad,with a forehead full of drawings and a killer accent.never mind because people only differentiated on the basis of language but they could never figure out that there are people of different religions,different castes of the same language.well thats a negligible matter because people made things out of it only the basis of "language processing" usually did.for those people born and brought up in the metropolitas of delhi they even spoke well,such that it took time for people to discriminate as mallus or madrasis.

i would like to say a madrasi belonged to tamil nadu and mallu is a keralite,where half of the delhiites never figured it out.but mallus were always proud of themselves because they were in some reformed and renown parts of the society,from delhi metro's E.Sreedharan(the man who made the footwork easy in delhi),A.R.Rahman and even John Abraham. the list is endless.i still quote the fact that people only criticize those things that are meant to be.

i had a personal experience,while on a train journey i saw people fighting over happened when a north indian guy scolded a south indian guy for not giving him a berth to sit.the north indian guy shouted"now since the train has entered the so called south,you guys will rule".i dono why people couldn see from the view point of an indian rather some bloody racist names.its certainly torturing a person,stripping him beyond his agony.

the south indian cuisine was quite famous in delhi,with large number of punjabis and gujaratis attracted towards the asaefoetida smell in sambar,.the dosa or the indian pan cake,idlis,upma and vadas.later came the malabari dishes from kerala,chicken chettinad to all other irresistible delicacies.with south indian food taking all over the delhi food circles.although the racism was effective,but since then the harmony progressed in the middle.Shops,living styles and  food all got imported straight from the south,even though racism still prevailed but people liked the culture we lived in.i would rather say"have some brain,never differentiate between people's races,races are not the identity,its all about being an indian(unlike phirangis,oh shit!i guess i have to write another blog someday to explain about it)".anyway its true racism still exist between communities: stop making fun of accents and languages by saying "ingada pongada" and "crack bloody rajini jokes on south indians".if so then sardars would have become predators by now.well army was one place where unity in diversity persisted.but never mind thats another section of the society.

we must be proud to have such a diversity rather making fun of it,proud to be an indian not some other ugly named creature

morale:dont call mallu as madrasi or madrasi as mallu

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