Friday, October 28, 2011

Bloody hell i am hit..!!

A day that was a blunder i created with myself but no regrets. It was captivating, melancholy, a ride to the center of the earth.i wish it rained the time it happened. The wrath of pain and unending silence that shed the laughter for a moment. The whole scene was paused for about an hour. The smile turned out into a frown, a pale one yet bright 
26th September 2011,a memorable day of my life. I wish that day never happened but later i felt it was a life changing experience..vrroooooooom..!!!i call it "the life eating fun ride".Munnar,a beautiful place with nature's play ,visible at its best and yet another time "a date with beauty and agony of Kerala’s most blessed place"

a task that was the aim of the look up. But like an attraction towards size zero, we were blindly in love with the natures super sexy curves and turns(i mean the road to hell).it all started with a plan that became a liability later we were intended to do so, an intention to capture those beautiful places. To be remembered forever. If we weren't in heaven now.

the journey started with me and my super hunk friend who is beyond the limit of the shirt he wears, with his 12 packs fudging out and saying "kiss me”. A ride that started peacefully, willing to be stopped any moment we wished. This time it was my vroom!!,We took. Before we left, a heart of intuitions left us in dilemma. A question of fate left us in trouble “should we?”.naaaaa!as u know love is blind as far as i have heard and seen (some people prove it).we never mind what happened ,it was how would it happen. The rejoicing began, quite excited if we could capture those moments forever. And yeah we did make it to all those places we could, with some places which left us mouth-open. some place left tears  in eyes(his eyes, not mine).felt like heaven,blah!it was,certainly.after completing the task we were in a hurry to get back to our nests, since we were roaming around like birds. The laughter and happiness that we shared was gonna suck up when we reached  the “suicide point” a board saying that this holy shit was about 1780 feet above sea!i was wondering why we didn’t read it during the climb, may be were too busy watching the piece of  beauty around. I loved the place, it had waterfalls,forests,hill-tops,lakes and dams.
I call it the second heaven on earth even though Kashmir can kick it’s a**.

The climate soon changed into cool and cozy. I felt we are on some honeymoon imagining myself holding round arm and kissing him while he was driving his butt out of the don’t know ,the situation slowly turned romantic with his dirty smile that signed towards disaster. He was looking as we were lost in the forest, it seemed the fox was going to rape the cow.

The first sign was when we drove into the tea plantation ,luckily stopped by the fencing that was neatly done(as if people frequently met through those type of incidents earlier),don’t blame them, it was hair pin curves, legitimate ends and a judging ride. The climb was peaceful, fun and frolic but the fall was frigging crazy. We maintained the speed at a low pace with Mr. Muscles(who was insisted to wear the helmet)he was a crazy but an expert rider with so much of accidents and bike tragedies. And every time we ask him he would say its how we learnt to drive. If so then people opting for license will happily go under a bus and half of the population would have been ended by now.
“as expected it happened-a hair pin curve, a bloody santro car  coming from the wrong side another car to add fuel to the fire which was on the right side ,hell it happened with a blink of an eye, we fell ridiculously thrown 5m away from the 1700 feet deep runway to hell. All I cud remember is Mr. Muscles rolling in the deep and I was thrashed licking the surface. When it was over, I tried to get up, with  happiness that I could save my spine and head, but my left hand, when tried to be lifted was in vain, I couldn feel the pain that was killing ,I could see my bones broken inside and more over the feeling was inexpressible. Some people rushed in,mr.muscles fell every time he tried to wake up, I thought he was in comma or something, he asked “man are u ok?”
I said ya I am completely fine, as if I was some superman who didn’t die even if he was hit by a rock.Mr.muscle became desperate; he called off a war with a wounded soldier who was figuring how to join his hand back into place. He demanded a chase, I was wondering why movies ended like this with the hero who is about to die could easily kill 1000 people more, burn cars, fly helicopters and even beat the shit out of people then after all this crap the hero would die. For a moment it felt like a movie.”

People rushed in took us to the hospital, a place patients where frequently was reported a bone breakage and demanding an urgent surgery. Apart from all this shit that happened the bike was the prime agenda, we didn’t steal it or something but the guilt was over-reacting in our nerves.

Taken back home safely, I had a surgery with few complications that stood questioning my recovery,mr.muscles underwent a crack in his ankle bone which left him “Michael Jackson 2” his moonwalk classes became famous, as it seemed so hand became a chicken leg, took so much time to straighten up but still on the verge of complete recovery.

Thanks to all the people who loved and cared me, for those people who met every time, helped me out in distress

Morale: don’t drive in romantic places, it can make u go wild and break your bones

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