Friday, August 5, 2011

emotional atyachaar

Heartbreaks never inspired a person,but some frequent ones threw a piece of hope for him.still he didn't leave the urge to feel pleasure in pain.he was not that big in size but big by his heart and deeds.she always painted his nose green when he leaned a mad lover or a flop novel ,he was having setbacks panted every time he recovered.Like a lonely man totally screwed up and searching for a ray of light to reach back from where he started  and rewind all that happened.a flesh-back rather a flash-back.may be she thinks she is beautiful but for him she was beautiful and serene.he was there behind her every time,she was stuck in his mind like a swelled and pained.and left marks on his heart.may be he was wondering from the first day he met her in school she pleased him,but he was mad at her.i dono seriously for what she impressed him,but there is always a reason why u choose a special person.a special person is always different from others.some traits turn out to be a quality for long i knew him,he was adamant,a man with emotional paradise and sorry to tell you a dog trying to get a bite on the bone.i am confused to tell that whether it was a two sided "p.s i love you" or Dan Brown's 'angels and demons'.He was a man with no flesh in his brain.Devoid of his emotions but never gave up.
well he was a mad lover,one of his kind.he always kept running behind till he didnt burn his butts.she never told him she presumed to do so.he was her best friend but not the thing he wanted from her.i mean "love".he proved it pure and un-filthy,but she kept him like a 'chicken in the freezer,waiting for microwave to fry it".

i still find him depressed,a killjoy of himself and a man who put himself in a guillotine and chopping his fingers one by one.he is poisoned by her love which is refused.A society and family because of which he didnt get her.he never gave up.2 goddamn years,happiness was just a veil to his sorrows.portrayed him as the best man on the earth but whenever he looked himself he was the 'jackass".we pulled him back every time he jumped into the sea ,drowned.but as a suicido he refused to catch the tube.drenched in the pain of non-acceptance.i couldn't figure out the fact if she loved him.,but a hope is all that he had and that hope was not fruitful.he never cried and we will not let him to do so.
i found his love made him pale.A cancer to his heart and soul.he never tried to remove it,guess he wanted to die with it.i don't know why he never gave up.a stubborn fatal male playing a dirty game with emotions.he was sitting on a heap of complications and impasse.

the story is quite simple and old,its all that he narrated.a chemistry lab,sulphuric acid and a burnt days were superb for him before but when he met her,things changed.He communicated with her thro a distant approach of people.well,i have to say it was not a love at first sight but yet a storm was to be lifted days passed by they had casual meetings,some talks that wondered him a lot.After a couple of days he drank the love potion.the story is somewhat accusing that she was in a relationship before,but our hero never gave back.she started hating the wonderful feeling of love because an asshole ruined her life,left her to decay.She was shattered,lost trust and faith in people.the world must have ended for her but she came back as a bold brave heart.Hero tried and tried but couldnt succeed because of another person who made his way to love contract and thorny.

November 13th,Night,3 years before was unforgettable for him.i dont find a particular reason for what made him choose her,may be destiny or a kind heart.He was a crazy lover one of a kind and one of the many.He drew sketches and collected every possible artifact she left for his memories.He kept them inside a clean box called 'remembrance'.

He used to attend the classes even if he had dysentery.A glance of her each day made him happy and gay.He never had the guts to say this.May be he was afraid loosing her.As an opportunist he waited for a time to hangout with her,but never got to do so. disappointing and disheartened,its certainly not a love story but its a tale of man who never gave up ,a girl who was confused of her obsessions,setbacks that threw her apart and people who said that its craziness.

i still find him at another point of life where he thinks,it was not merciful but yet a challenge.he always made things simple with her and she refused.a one sided drama is that all anybody can find and anybody could hear about.i dono whether i expressed things rite but some extracts of life from a musketeer who fought till his blade died.

" a disgruntled soul,shattered but confused to come back,thinking about her and wasting his life,but solidarity of love is inevitable and worth a tale to be told'

                          morale:                   never give up,coz giving up is easy than getting it

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