Wednesday, August 3, 2011

abstract: dark theory

darkness,we call it fear and some call it haunted.people wear dark more to look good.?a question is why?may be they hide themselves behind the veil of dark memories and show themselves fair enough to be in this life or fair enough to look beautiful.
summoned to hear the verdict.i am wandering in search of an answer why.\ife sucks? i know but sometimes it turns out to be wonderful  but killjoy.a word that was never taken back and sometimes i believe i am sure i can do that but think twice before.people wear more dark clothes to make them fairer,its not stupid science theory that dark colours absorb heat or dark is formed by 7 colors.its that the more dark u wear the more fair u look coz darkness is the widget that covers all the defects,memories and pain.when you wear dark clothes the whole attention is diverted into it.applauding about the fear of darkness,but people dont know what lies underneath.why is every bad gesture termed black.eventhough black is the shadow in which everything happens from ghosts to non-believers believe so.without darkness there couldn't be a light and without black there wouldnt be a darkness.i am not telling you to start wearing dark clothes or boycott white.its all about making you understand about what balck is all about
fear no black because many things are wonderful inside it,discover it,live it because sometimes darkness can shed your grief and re-incarnate you in a Juvenal soul

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