Saturday, July 16, 2011

gravity beneath the dreams

i dreamed a lot to aspire and conquer my intentions and then saw the cream slowly melting beneath..dead as a writer,content as a student,effortlessness of  a percussionist,a bold photographer yet incapable,disheartened as a sportsman and left far the roads of yellow and shady trees that smelt like snow.dreams are endless.building my own empire of grace leaving an impression ,the truth and the compassionate,like the hollow coconut tree in pale paddy fields and a farmer cursing the rain for killing the crops.i have no complaints of what my life has hatched into,may be a boiled beautiful egg or a feeds life anyway.apart from the philosophical melodrama in crimson i made.defying the truth aint fair but i believe in living a surreal and twisted life.the dreams make an effort or may be a force which inculcates the urge to live and love the life.god is not a cruel supernatural to punish you for deeds.after all dreams can be a calculated agreement between you and god.
the gravity within me defined within its own grace and benefits.i was passionate and compassionate towards the way i lead the things.i know sometimes outcomes are not as worthy as i thought and may be i could slip about and say"look i have been betrayed".i have made my equations for life trying to prove them every time but as the calculation missed every-time the proof went recursive.bragging that i am the one makes me feel i am some kind of human who can speak more act i didn't applaud on my own way,i kept silent ,rather proving myself to be a novice felt much better.the tolerance was exceptional.i started to make my own way to my dreams rather than peeking into someones.i waited for an opportunity to advance and managed to get through.under the limelight i saw my face on the waters,blushed to see the way the progress happened.mutated by the quality of change sometimes disappointing sometimes content..i am happy how life has taken me and sometimes i curse it for not giving me the outcomes.some of them left halfway...i would like to walk from the path undone and comeback to the end...

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