Friday, June 3, 2011

Secrets To Success

An unending journey to success that might take nowhere,because everytime i inspect on my thoughts i feel that sometimes things are not as they seem.they are different someway or the was i had only interests in technology and stuff but lil interest in some common things like wasn't the essence that was hidden.i clicked and walked a way long,on every footsteps of my life i found that life was sailing the rite direction until i could realize the fact that i could have made it a lil more better,my first digital camera and i clicked every step i felt that all my intrusions granted me all the resources i could haven,t thought.may be belonging to a middle class family was the only reason that made me suffer indeed as an individual i was happy with what all god gave but the sense of dis-satisfaction was kind of haunting me.i thought of expanding the more i couldn't do but didnt had enough energy to tackle it.when time grants u the permission to flourish i was more of excited.

i kicked off my first photography blog was my idea indeed but couldnt execute it without anybody else,not because i was not capable but the fact that i wasn't sure of success.yet,we kicked off in a smart take off to success and praying that our flight couldn't land into a disaster so left things more curious and annoying
it was a sunday evening,void of data conection although i would regret the fact that i was not there at the launch was spread like a storm not like mark's facebook but yeah somewhat locally but infamously famously.we didnt code it as usual we used a platform to design it.we started crossing hits more like a heartbeat rate.may be exaggerating but still i could only believe my ways had expectations,contrary to the personification i could make.we started developing and more and more....

we worked hard more like donkeys who struggled to maintain the balance of the load.a mind blowing hit our head.we decided to establish,hire people for work and more and more ways to make business.the rapid development sometimes made loose hope i knew that hope was necessary but still it just blew away with air sometimes.guess what i am the crazy C.E.O. of a non-profit intially but profit generating organisation.although we couldnt register in some industry spreadsheets,neither had a office.we made the concept of "work at home,is work at heaven".new to business everyone had expectations that were rising tides but unfortunately some had falling ones too.but still i believe the day when i will be sitting in my office drinking coffee and thinking it would not have happened if that day didnt exist.unlike geek prodigies we were simple human beings aimed at success and establishment.

i then realized that hard work and mind blowing head is the only secret to the success..

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