Friday, May 20, 2011

attitude manifesto

i couldn't gather courage enough to tell you that i have been in a state of dilemma that has left scar on my memories,i couldn't hear the wind  murmuring that "eh?fool u have got the passport to the planet called love".must call upon my duties,the business that renders my life,its quite natural the way things are..sometimes fear evoking me sometimes overwhelmed with joy and vain.all i wanted to have is attitude of don't care keeps me alive it gives me the potential to fight against,sometimes you feel tensed,depressed and autism when you don't get what is its better to maintain an attitude that has resilience,recoil and rewind so that i could start with the new beginning of life..forget the attitude that keeps saying"whatever may be the cause,let it happen".the pessimist man must have been dead ages before but since past and present are not the same phases of a coin.its simply moving one gear ahead with peace of mind that its surreal ,everlasting and kindle.a series of confessions,even though i knew her but i was acting like a dumb retarded man.who just remained spellbound with every sense of life that flutters along with the air which has different rate of flow or the waters which have different streamline.her confessions were true i could have approved but i feel that i cannot make her love so even decided to take a step back.i must have done it earlier but she was so good that i couldnt find a reason to stop loving her.its all that  i could say.."u need courage for love" and most of all love is not meant for weak hearted and people with a no heart.i dont wanna turn my life into some hollywood romantic movie,which was indeed a big flop.i donno,i am just too fed up hearing the same tune from the jukebox,same tune again,again,again...i cannot tell its one sided,neither a failure but surely if there is a will there is a way..i dont write to keep her alive in my memories but i write to make her realize"where there is a will,there is a way"..

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