Wednesday, April 20, 2011

snake's inside the bus

the night was unforgettable, well  kochi is blessed with such a vigor and zeal.i must encourage the fact that it was rarely that someone found snakes on a plane.but yeah kochi has a grandeur of having snakes inside buses..well I met such a creature when I was traveling back wasn’t a cloudy night neither rainy or clean.but yeah it was a windy one..anyway who the bloody hell cares what  the climate.was?.he he..
I was out,on ma way to my moms house on the auspicious occasion of a mallu festival.dreaming about it..moreover walking like a zombie(lost in thoughts ).my cell phone constantly beeping with text messages..i hope I could answer..i was angry because of a parcel which disappointed and left itself undelivered.which would have been a catalyst to my festival hungama..
Ready to catch the bus..what the??no bus…I had to walk a km or more for a stupid bus that was about to go from the bus station and I guess I felt it was the last way of life on earth..well I managed to get it it atlast..!!!but hell it was just scheduled till the next 3 stops..and there goes the tyre..
Well it was the worst nite I ever had in my life. Luckily another bus came thro..content to get a window seat and was really angry and tired..
Suddenly a man next to me stood up,left his seat and sat beside me..he was not visible in the darkness although we were traveling across the city but with no street light..after all cochin is part of dogs own country.when he was visible,he showed a empty handed gesture”hello”..i paid no response..he enquired”sir!are u working?”..i said “why?i am student”. Then his posture suddenly changed..he was smelling OCR kinda rum.geeshhhh..!!!a drunkard..i experienced many of them but it was kinda handshake drunkard..he just rested his hand on my shoulder patting me hard on my boy??u are going back I said “I am local”..seemed if I was killing his attitude..he made a pissing response..anyhow  I expected him to act so..questions showered like rain which started suddenly outside..sometimes I had a feeling that guy is a gay..he was fingering on my some seduction scene in basic instinct..well I guess I was watching  jeepers- creepers…an unexpected question that came from his drunk mouth “do u know any drug dealers”..i said”man!just shoo I don’t know u,don’t try to know me either”..he remained silent for few minutes..trying to impress me,he took my tickets..i put the money in his pocket and refused his holy offerings..i don’t need it..!mr.drunkard shouted”oh boy!!anger doesn’t suit u..sit in peace”..i smelled something really fishy beyond the I just wanted to call the conductor and ask him to throw this rotten underwear before I beat him up(actually its not possible)..but he grab hold of my hands..telling his misery,pain and sorrow..he said he was going to celebrate the festival back home but his parents threw him out..because he was drunk..then a call interrupted “hello..!!!oh yeah LDF will win”..he was strange as a cow milking at midnight…talking politics like a kerala communist comrade. He was jumping inside the bus.the conductor shouted”get out u bastard”.he fell down. On the floor and when he stood up..he asked me whether  I am a gangster?..i wondered what made this guy believe so..even though some drunkards don’t lie..i was proud..he was loud enough audible to the back seater  who was smoking his lungs out..I  was feeling proud of myself being called a gangster. He resumed his position..i couldn’t stop laughing at his clothing..he wore a white lungi,a brown dirty shirt with a good old chappals..that guy amused for an hour..he even poked on an aunty sitting in the front seat pointing out that her assets are weak…he was friendly but strange..he told me to give a miss I did it…(no wonder why,maybe sympathy) him a fake name..for namesake. He was about to de-board his flight..and happily touching his vibrating feet..on the ground..a sudden break..!dhuum..!!there he fell down..the bus left him behind about 100km/hr…he was amusing ,strange but yes definitely a great drunkard

Morale: never  misunderstand a drunkard, they are good people

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