Monday, April 11, 2011

oooo lala..i am floating

a night of confessions and reasons to explain..a question asked was simple as anything.."why i am loved"..or need to be loved..i felt like a donkey when i ripped up the whole thing in front of her ,the whole thing that i think abt me a self-portrait..i was not me but yes i was trying to be me..endless thots must have stuck that time..but i was acting like a usual man..who was just after a girl who stuck into his mind..dono what to do..what to say..a sense of peace i had after telling her what i felt..i was happy..i knew it my theories are part of junk which are only meant to be cowardice..i need to have courage to say what i feel for her..
that night was really soothing as a cold foggy morning...
my theories:
1st if u love ur parents go with that girl who pleases them..
2nd if u love ur girl then run away with her..(be a man!!)
hhaaaa.!!a sigh of relief and i found the existence of entity of time passed by..every moment  i started thinking of something her face came in front of my eyes...!!i was in it..i was going thro a sweet disease called love..i knew i was not enough mature..not enough for a relationship..i was confused..infact both of us were..
a day 2nd theory forced to me to show up..courage..i didnt know what i was lots of relationships go to hell because of parents,finance understandings and sometimes we only spoil it...i didnt wait for a second take...i obeyed my 2nd law of a being a strong what it takes to matter how hard u try..u cant forget the girl for ur lifetime..even before u die..that chunk of memory will never be erased from ur brain cells..atlast i cud only make a deal with her..but i still feel she is confused..
i dont know what will happen....but let it the way it is

morale: dont believe this,its crap!hahhahahahahhahah

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