Wednesday, February 2, 2011

betrayal is worst than a dog bite

What happens when you ever notice? You are betrayed??Betrayal doesn’t mean u are kept on a guillotine for kissing your friend’s sister..its bad as a tsunami that has hit ur arse..And you keep running from the scene…well I assume that some people don’t find the words interesting that I use to start  a blog. I know it’s not an act of maturity or the way shake-sphere does it..but who cares writing a bloody blog about betrayal and dog…well I do.!!!i have been betrayed many times may be because of the fact that endless joy pauses for keeps running after you until you don’t make things the best or rather tie always doesn’t happen in love but sometimes it happens in places you can’t predict..
The westerner’s do make movies on ‘cheating wife, cheating husband and many more varieties which are unpredictable’. Before calculating the times u got betrayed u must think before how it happened..its a sense of feeling that absolutely turns you upside down. The worst is when my friend did it.!!for a short while I was about to dead.
Bloody hell!. I am cheated is the last thing to say.dont fit your butt on the chair with a broken pains sometimes ,it pains more than a’s a lively way u feel. Best phase of recovery is to keep reading my blog. I write crap..Senseless..i don’t care a shit..what words I use..!so before being betrayed let a dog grab your arse.

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