Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ungodly hours

Well Delhi is a place u can afford to do something mad like I did..!u are amazed to get into the street at night and see also those things going around. I like winters may be I am more in urge to get warmth and bath one time a day! Its amazing feeling stinky for the whole day and get under a hot shower bath in the afternoon and soak up below the sun..!!Then the perils of cold winds touch my feet and i get under the blanket. Summers are also amazing where u need winters to come. It's amazing to see people do always think opposite the season. When deadly winter comes rather enjoying it we wish we had summers back so that we could throw away all those clothes and run till we reach another season. The spring comes taking away winter and Mr. Winter waving his hand and saying good bye with a flying kiss. The cycle continues. Delhi has colors more than seasons. More colors of joy, sorrow and vain because the feeling the taste of different seasons was good but more I enjoyed painting my life with those colors.

Delhi has different classes of people, even more than new york.the middle class people in large.even they are more classified into upper and low. Well politics had great influence on this place than any place in the sucks! As every kid out there knew.they only came before elections. Rich people tried to maintain their status. They had access to all parts of the society and influence of money mad them purchase the law. All part of politics.but,there were exceptions as every slightest in the world would consider to be and finally the poor as they are considered order wise always denied of attention, hunger and salvation took them into an ungodly hour.below those shanty roofs they think of the world outside even a single rupee meant something to these nomads who wander in search of employment, shelter and a country like India, where Mr. Obama did made a pleasing speech saying that "India is not emerging, it has already emerged". That quote was irrelevant in much sense. With a country where the rich remain rich and poor remain poor. This is not a possible statement. Why was Mr. Barack Obama taken to all those posh areas and those luxuries? He did visit some ngos but don't make a sense. He must have been taken to a place where there are still people dying of hunger, poverty, they suicide and not even to feed their kids. They are malnourished and diseased. Places with no electricity and proper shelter. How could he say this where people are dying of unemployment. Where price rise is like putting a knife on middle class community. They are the sufferers. Even the recession dooms their lives

A statement that is not applicable to any part of the Indian engine. The theory is a big failure. Well I am no god, neither I am neither capable of making the system change.even f I want I can't. I don't want to run a one man show. Unlike we have some decent audience. Like everyone, until then I can only sit and talk about seasons and see all those colors changing out there. Like a painting which is not understood by anyone.watchin the world going the wrong way like everyone's doing out there.

Morale: don't let the colors of your life fade and don't sit and watch until others paint you black.

Like Mr. Barack Obama said "change we need" and "united we stand":-these statements are only applicable to American democracy.

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