Friday, November 26, 2010


A fine example of rape is when you are stripped and pounced on by an incident, which is more hard to digest than to my lifetime I cannot forget the day I was raped of my attitude. The incident has placed a permanent place in my heart. No matter if my brain is removed it was punched on my heart. A beautiful day which I expected turned out to a big menace. A big hit to my cricketing career.

it was the glorious occasion of sports day, well we were the best known team in school(I think so)..a team consisting of belligerent and some were exceptions. We were mutually inbound. We were eager to kick the butts of our rivals. Well they were not to be spared opponents.rather than a team full of wicked creatures who were ready to have a long drive until they succeed. We were excited unlike the last time we won!it was beautiful.!!this time I did expected some hostile attitude from those holes.the day before the match:we had a tough time practicing. We used to do it near a ground besides the was 'oval' for us.with a lot of crowd,lots of matches.maybe the pitch shared by two was not pathetic but adjustable!we always met on Sundays spent hours playing,well I would consider as a ground where my cricket was born.well I wasn't a good cricketer.but I friends motivated me.well slowly I got the pace..but not good as them.!!

It was a cold winter day,a temperature of about 5deg c was enough to stop the blood flow.we kept ourselves warm with exercises.our captain decided the line ups the over era, And fielding was all then when we came to know that the P.T instructor was the match umpire.well I had frequent no-balls in the practices session so only an over was given me in the match.our instructor was a suppresser and he hated us coz we were the best I think..he was more with the rivals coz he used to eat with their money..

I don't wanna give a full briefing of the match coz I have no fast fingers onboard.shortly speaking.!it was a fine match until our innings was bowling team.each one of us bowled well with some exceptional players shining like stars and distraced the attention of all those girls out there.between we were unaware of the fact that rather we about ball tampering but case the whole ball was changed .it was all a crooked part of those assasins out there who were ready to ruin the match to the highest degree.our innings was so fine was that we it was pre-assumed of our victory.they knew it was a crooked movement..eventhough with that ugly ball we performed well!!it was my over.first ball was a big hit towards the boundary..well I was not to loose hope and managed a perfect over after that ball..well due to its perfection the assigned me a new over unscheduled.well this was a tsunami comin and I could see him..first ball was thrown out of the field madly.smashed up after the 2 balls I managed to carry the next 2 balls..but the last balls were bowled correctly but the man mr.umpire was unhappy and gave it a no ball well it was not at all a illegal ball as everyone out watchin knew.even mr.ahole umpire did!!but it was all part of a wicked strategy and took me to depression and state of paranormal behavior..well he utilized me.every ball after those 4 balls were no balls wonder it was a 'NO BALLS' activity by teammates consoled me .my dilemma state made me bowl odd.well I was lost,subconscious and crushed..atlast he gave the remaining balls after a target of 6 balls were left..!well sarcastically they won..!!everyone of us had a setback and the atmosphere was all fading grey..and the best team was buried by some suckers who were ready to sell their underwear to win this match..a prestige issue…well I recovered after a month….

Wonder I could hit that mr.umpire with a bat on his cold ass which would have become swollen apples..

Morale: Man with no ball and a no ball is dangerous

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