Monday, November 22, 2010

Torturing the saint

My first day at the college!.as every kid out ther was looking ahead to build his future there..enjoy,earn some precious moments of their lifetime..i was one of them..waiting outside the counselling hall,until someone called my name.there came a bald old man told me to go inside..i sat quietly…hearing some whispering behind me.maybe the staff wasnt impressed by the freaky jeans I was wearing and their comments were slowly pickin up the pace of a tycoon.!utter silence…!when i heard some footsteps.!there was an entry of 3 gentlemen who made me sit..on an interview chair..they selected me according to my attitude..some kind of g.k they asked.!!!

Happy and content after getting the confirmation…I just walked thro the corridor.i could find candidates like me standing there!near a door.talkin to each other..introducin themselves..!!well all the laughter and silence did vanish..when a group of seniors walked by us..they stared at each of us..some did make a quick glance at my jeans..(it had patches around).lunch time and everyone was unaware of the menace called 'ragging'..rather it was a tradition other than some social evil.a bunch of boys came and took one among us to the lavatory.."we could hear his cry"!!as he was kicked on balls..!!he was badly crushed by them coz he refused to do what they said..seeing all this many among us had shattered mind..some even decided to fight back.but were helpless.although there was a seminar on ragging which proved out to be fatal outrage among seniors..they were totally pissed off by the shitty attitude shown by college authority…!it was happening at every corner of the college but we were threatened no to report..!!

I was luckily spared in the morning..!!caretaker took me to my room..!well I thot to move into some PG rather than stayin at the hostel.which was called the 'torture center'..!.had a short nap woke up in the evening…!!heard some noise from the other rooms nearby..they were all occupied..all were seniors!!!!!shit!crap!!and what the …!!!after an hour when I was busy with a book..5 people came in closed the door…and made me stand..they told me to remove my shirt..!!!well!i refused..then one among them grabbed me..!!now I was out of wits.!i was forced to take it off..luckily they didn't movefurther..spared my undies and pants.!!one among them came up with a saree in his hand..!told me to wear it..i didn't knew how this crap was to be worn..but still I managed..i looked like a candy floss!!one of them ordered me to dance..mujra way..!!i did..i was kicked on the ass whenever I did something wrong..they laughed at me…spared me atlast..seeing my face!!(it seemed that I was watching exorcist or evil death)..they took money from my purse..made me sit!!gave me water and lot of handshakes..!!told me that "we all are ur friends and it was a part of the personality development"..i felt like what the fuck??personality development..!!!it was the worst..crap I ever heard..wonder I could stack them all in a hot rod passing thro their ass and say"hey look its all part of the programme"!!


Morale:dont cook up too much story on ragging,afterall its all part of personality development……….!!!!!!!!!!!

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