Sunday, November 21, 2010

the haunted house

ghosts do exist..

well hard to believe..isnt it??but you have to..its a real story..not a was a nite as usual..somewhere in the forest areas of palghat,kerala...there was a house which was said to be haunted..but after when i saw it i felt its really those shows aired on the discovery..(i didnt believe until i saw that house).no one even tried to go near that....

my friend,(he resided near to the haunted house) who once experienced it ...he just came out of the house..guess for peeing at nite..the toilet outside was located lil far away from the house...he walked from the house..slowly..with a cigarette in his mouth..half burnt ..i guess his urinary bladder must have burst if he would have seen the ghost.!!.he knew abt it..!!but didnt believe that ghosts exist..!!walkin beneath the shady trees,suddenly the air was still..!!!he was doin his job..(a bulb over his head was shining brightly)..but the wind suddenly changed its pace...but he could feel it but the shadow of the bulb was still (bulb holder was hanging freely)..he could feel the door rattling...suddenly he became cold...he heard some murmuring of a guy within his ears but coudnt find anyone nearby...he could hear shouts from that haunted house....he ran as fast as he can..!!waited for the night to get over..

he got thro mornin people found that all the doors and windows of the haunted house were open...!!!

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  1. I remember this one....we have had a whole n8s personal experience handling the lil toddlers....screaming like lil girls at every squeak they that was a hell of a night!
    thnx for reminding me o it.....
    2n8s going to be really fun....damn i wish it wudnt be!