Monday, November 22, 2010

No adobe dreamweaver for ambitions

Well I am a humanoid. With instincts, taste and emoticons. That will rather attract some displease of that word I have used'emoticons'..but its not readers digest..where you are competing for words. Rhetoric drama in a sense.!!!or I am not writing for editorial coloumn of a daily..which makes use of big words.!!gladly!!one has to look at those huge dictionaries which are kept all dusty..!!!gulp up the meaning..!!

Yeah..Back to the point..!!i was talking about dreams. Which are flying UFOs..which show up for a while and vanish much faster than they came..!!well I dreamt of becoming a scientist,an artist,a driver,a policeman, a doctor and blah..!!!i look what shit I am doing now…'engineering'..its not like u think…or console saying"its fate"!its attitude. That drives you.!!!well genius isn't crap 99%hardwork its rather 100%.God's portion is always left blank..well dreams are countless!!i simply fly with them and sleep with them and then…..then. My feet lands on the earth…I see that everythings back to normal..!!no harm in dreaming…well afterall what to do…??running after dreams even though….can fetch you a beautiful wife,a bungalow. A luxury car..may be you don't need it even though you achieve it..But afterall you gonna die one one can dream of becoming immortal. That's not a fair wish. I hope it happens in you case also. Well this night I had no other subject to blog kept this shit as my todays last update..

Morale::whatever you dream!keep dreamin..!just don't be stupid like me


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