Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cousin in city

Well! I have lots of cousins but hardly I heard about him.! One evening: my uncle told me that a cousin of mine was coming delhi!replied in affirmative.i even asked I know him?well the reply was surprising I was meeting him for the first time. Wondering who he was? I sat on the couch.thinkin .??evening 5:00pm.his flight landed,it was from Bangalore.standing at the verandah.i was waiting for his presence. There he came.!!he had a lite moustache ,oily hair and most simply dressed human being I have ever seen..i was lil shy to talk that guy.i looked like a wedding cow.actually I was to talk to a stranger cousin.

Behind the scène! I asked my father- who he was??he told that kid is your cousin!!i said I know:-but in what circumstances?he was son of your mothers cousin..he was a Brahmin.i heard that he was a mechanical engineer, even a topper. Oh gosh!!now I had issues stayin with him..'a geek' rather.!then I slowly entered the scene..sat beside him on the sofa.that guy was lookin here and there as he was calculating the elevation of the roof,or tangential acceleration of that fly near the tube..well not much bluffing..i simply felt that man this guy is boring.!!i showed him his room. Can't say a room coz we were shifting to kerala and all the things were ready to get packed and was empty.!!he had frequent baths.i guess he was fond of it.may be it was summer or peak summer..didnt have much interactions with him in the first day..!after the hustle and bustle of transportation and packing..i was tired..he made quick breakfast from all those bread and jam packets..he made me sit and eat them. Now this guy was making me feel he was a big brother..he was afterall..he took out his laptop and we watched a movie while eating 'bourne ultimatum'.i was watching it for first time. Quite amazed by the detailing he gave from the background.he made valuable explanatory points.!he had good knowledge about movies..and he made a diff outlook in my mind unlike the first day I saw him(the geek expression).he had knowledge on every subject which I could talk about..this guy made me jealous..i introduced him briefly to my friend 'rahul'(he was my best friend)with whom I would share the smallest of my life.we were supposed to meet at a pary at evening..i called my cousin for the party.a party with some non-veg offered in the middle.while I was eating till satisfaction.i saw him eating only some veg leaves. And salads with rice. He even refused to taste the gravy of the chicken curry..well after finishing we met at the terrace.while Rahul was talkin about yesterday's match and we were discussing about the highlights. My cousin interrupted he was putting more relevant points than I had..or even Rahul had..sheesh!!i was really jealous of him..that guy was an encyclopedia of sports..well he was an updated operating system..well he was too friendly,geeky,simple,cool,veggie,sports buff and etc…etc..and I was proud that I had a cousin like him.atleast one day I wud b like him.and he did help me making decisions in my life. Lots of advices and help.


Morale: vegetarians are cool!

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