Saturday, November 20, 2010

a dilemma

spent my whole childhood in the wonderful,beautiful city of delhi.....i couldnt even tolerate..when i moved away...a long was, about 2000kms away from the memories..priceless,diminishing and joyful...the world is full of people with a sarcastic smile and dark made me believe that the world is no more round was 'flat'.i knew the ethics..well i am adjusting in a sense..a lack of a good reservoir of my kind would not keep species like me happy too long..but well i have i am coastal king...or coastal is hell lot green..rain..and food...
driven away by the hospitality given by the longer makes me stumble upon those memories which i left behind in the void of time..the soothing rain.which when falls on me washes away all the sorrow..along with it..!!life sometimes sucks..and sometimes gives luck....after all man is a mortal rather than trying to enjoy your life,enjoy it..try to overcome the situation..adjust with every environment..a part...i couldnt never forget in my life,wondering of memories sometimes make u cry..sometimes makes me burst into laughter in the vicinity of my mind....

21st nov 2010

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